Gravity Jumper
Radiant Planet Defense

Hello there!

We’re proud to present ‘Hulda Games’. A small indie game dev. company located in the Faroe Islands.

We’ve just launched two games on the market. We first released the game Gravity Jumper on December 2nd 2015 on Google Play and on December 15th 2015 on App Store.

The second game we’ve just launched on December 15th 2015 is Radiant Planet Defense which is available on Google Play, and waiting for Apple to review it.

Both games have the same central theme, which is gravity. Gravity Jumper has 81 levels and we’re going to add more. Radiant Planet Denfense has one single level and is ideal if you just want to play for a short period, but it’s addictive gameplay, awesome but simple graphics and calming music is guaranteed to make you relaxed.

Check out our game by clicking on one of the icons above.

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