Radiant Planet Defense

Radiant Planet Defense - Defend your radiant planets in this alternative planetary 'tower' defense game.

Defend your radiant planets in this causual and alternative planetary ‘tower’ defense game.
Your goal is to defend your 7 planets from hostile asteroids.

Defend them by strategically placing defense systems around them and match the colors of the incoming asteroids with the planets color.

If your planet is hit by an asteroid of same color as the planet it will grow and your score increases by 10 points. If the planet is hit by an asteroid of different color it will shrink and your score decreases by 5 points.

Defend your planet using 5 different defense systems:
* Turrets
* Mines
* Sweepers
* Forcefield
* Interactive (virtual) planet

You can remove any defense system by holding your finger down on the screen for around 1 second where the defense system is located.

Play in 2 modes: Time Attack or Free Mode

Time Attack
Compete against the time counting down trying to get a new high score. For each new planet you gain another 45 seconds. For every 10 destroyed asteroids you gain another 5 seconds.

Free Mode
In ‘Free Mode’ you can play as long as you like (until all the planets are visible), but you won’t get any high score. This is ideal if you want to relax or practice.

Planet buttons
When a planet has reached 100% (grown), another planet will appear and another planet button will become visible on the right side.

Tap on a planet button on the right side to navigate. Alternatively you can pinch (using 2 fingers) to zoom out and in, and double tap on a planet to navigate.

The game uses video ads, but it’s possible to remove them if you buy the game. To buy the game, click on the shopping cart in the main menu in the lower left corner of the screen. This is done using in-app purchasing.

Game Features
* Free to play (with in-game ads, which can be removed using in-app purchase).
* Casual & Relaxing game to play.
* Easy to learn & fun to play.
* Compete against time trying to beat your old highscore or play in ‘free mode’ as long as you want.